Powder Blending

For powder blending we have three blenders available two which can handle up to 1,000kg of product and a third with a 1,500kg maximum load.  All blenders have internal stainless steel construction and bag filling machines for the final product.
Powder Blending - Blender 1

Blender 1

  • 1000 kg max batch capacity
  • Stainless steel construction including internal ribbon
  • Has ability to spray in liquids during blend
  • Autovalve bag filling machine able to dispense into 500g to 1,000kg bulk bags
Powder Blending - Blender 2

Blender 2

  • 1000 kg max capacity
  • Stainless steel lined
  • Ribbon of mild steel
  • Autovalve bag filling machine
Powder Blending - Blender 3

Blender 3

  • 1,500 kg max batch capacity
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Ability to spray viscous liquids during blend
  • 2 heated liquid tanks available
  • All feed lines to blender heat traced
  • Spray set is over the full length of the blender
  • Spray type adjustable
  • Packing machine fully stainless steel construction
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Our chemicals are specially formulated in New Zealand with only high quality raw materials bought from reputable companies.

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