our quality guaranteeIt is the policy of Shamrock Group to manufacture and market only those products of consistent quality, at a competitive price, that delivers full customer satisfaction.

To achieve this objective, we are totally committed to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a Quality System that fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001.   Quality is the responsibility of every employee in the Company.

All our raw materials and processes are subject to regular inspection. Wherever    possible, these raw materials conform to a supplier certification. All other materials   must pass the relevant Quality Assurance measures prior to their release into our production.

In pursuing this policy, the Company will:

  • Satisfy applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Maintain efficient technical resources
  • Operate a controlled manufacturing regime
  • Apply up-to-date quality assurance practices
  • Develop and maintain effective training of all employees
  • Continually review manufacturing techniques to improve quality
  • Continually strive to improve customer satisfaction
  • Focus on the key elements of customer service
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by use of best practices at all levels to ensure reliable risk management